Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Week Away, Part 2

This is our view from our hotel room.
We were so lucky to have wonderful weather the whole time!
One of the popular dishes is Pensacola are Oysters. I can't eat the raw ones, but found some good baked ones with Parmesan cheese and spinach. The hotel next to ours had a afternoon where they gave away free oysters and of course David had to go take advantage.

This is right before I went to the ocean and was inches from a huge jelly fish....Luckily David saw it before I got stung.

This is at Hemingway's, we ate there twice it was a great restaurant with a wonderful menu. You can't get good seafood like at the beach anywhere in Arkansas.

Peg Leg Pete's, one of the most popular local places!

Next to Come.....Our Atlanta Leg of the Trip and Rebecca's Wedding!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Week Away, Part 1

Our Hotel!!!

So this last week we packed up the car and took a vacation! We started out early last Sunday morning and drove to Pensacola, FL. We stayed at the Hilton there and had a blast. We loved the hotel, the beach and the atmosphere in Pensacola. After florida we drove to Atlanta to go to Rebecca, one of my best friend from Auburn's wedding. The we drove back today. What a world wind! We dragged ourselves into the house and are glad to be home but a little sad to be back in the real world with work, bills, laundry,ect.
I have lots more pictures and stories to share so that why this is just Part One of our week away blog.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A new day has come...

OK, not even a new day has come. I feel like I am in a new Millennium now!

Yesterday I got a Iphone! Here is a picture of my phone before so you can see what a change it is! The I phone can literally do everything, its sooo cool. I have been downloading apps that can give you directions, tell you a nearby place to eat, movie times, how many calories are in restaurant food, weather channel. This is I have been pulled into the i phone mania!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here's to Two Years!

Today is our two year anniversary!

We had such a perfect wedding for us and I love looking back at the pictures.
The two years have flown by. Here's to many more!