Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I got a new camera for my birthday. I took a class Saturday to learn all the functions. I will hopefully take some more creative type classes in the future. I took some pictures of my muse-My son on Sunday in our front yard.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eleven months old

I can't believe how old this little boy is getting! He has changed so much just in the last month!
-He now loves to clap. He can wave now.
-He is pulling up on things but not walking yet.
-Drinks four bottles a day and he has really become interested in food. We are trying table foods slowly.
-He has five teeth.
-had first Christmas and first big snow (10 inches)
- he has started really playing with his toys and getting into everything!

We just love you soo much sweet Carter!!!

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Monday, January 7, 2013


Well I turned 30 last week. I got lots of sweet messages and texts that helped leaving my 20's behind a little better. David planned a night away in Hot Springs for us this past weekend to celebrate. I don't usually get to do much for my birthday because of my old retail job and its right after the Holidays. We stayed at the Arlington Hotel and it was so fun! They had a live band in the lobby on Saturday night where people come and dance and that proved to be very entertaining! On Sunday when we came back in town we had lunch with my family. My parents surprised me with a really nice camera so hopefully there will be some post with pictures I took on it soon!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!

Wow! 2012 brought so many great changes to my life! I can hardly believe all that has happened in one year! February brought us our sweet boy. He is my angel and I think he is the best baby in the world. I can't believe how much he changes and learns every week. We have also soaked up all the firsts like first Easter, first trip to Zoo, first time to go to pool, first Christmas, you get the idea...
October brought another round of changes when David and I both changed jobs. I'm so excited to be apart of the company I am with now and it was such a great change for my family. I'm so happy that David also loves his new job as well and they love having him there too!

So now I am two days away from another change...leaving my 20's behind :(
Here is to 2013 and the beginning of my thirties and all that it has in store!

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