Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carter lately

We have been taking a few steps forward and a few steps back lately.
Update #1
We have been bottle free since
Saturday. We have been struggling with sippie cups. My sister, who works at Helping Hands and has clients with eating and drinking issues suggested this Honey Bear straw cup. So far so good.

Update #2
Eating table food. Some nights are good and some are bad. He loves blueberry pancakes seen below. A lot of meats and other foods we are trying end up on the floor for Rascal.

Update #3
This is not the bath face we see anymore. :( We are going through a "I hate baths" phase.

Update #4
We are in a big boy carseat now!

Besides that he is still our sweet, snuggly boy!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why I don't think Peppy la Pew is cute anymore

Well since this is a topic that has taken up a lot of my life lately I might as well do a post on it.
We have skunks- under our house.
We have been "skunked" on and off for a year now, usually it entails a lot of febreeze, candles and airing out of our house. But a few weeks ago it got bad, so bad that we woke up to the most horrible skunk smell ever! I walked into daycare and they said "oh no you have been skunked again." Co workers can smell us and our house just straight smells, we cant escape it! So now we have hired someone to catch the skunks and we now have a running total of 8 to come from under the house!!!!!!
So now you can see why I don't think the cartoon character peppy la pew is so cute.

Don't worry animal lovers, no skunked were harmed. They are taken to a remote location and let go.
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